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Serving American University since 1987
Summer Storage for AU Students
The UPS Store offers safe, convenient and economical storage for AU students.  Our on-campus store has
been serving AU since 1987.  We work directly with University Housing to bring you the best possible services:
Basic Storage is the choice for the majority of AU students.  It is our most
popular storage offering.  Basic Storage is designed for students who will be
returning to a main campus dorm room after August 15 (fall classes begin August 25).
Short Term Storage is the answer for you if you only want to store your stuff
for a few weeks. Perfect for students moving off campus or attending summer session.
Long Term Storage offers students the opportunity to store their items
for the summer and beyond.
The UPS Store offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you ever decide not to use our
service.  We also offer substantial discounts for reserving your storage space early.  There
is no risk involved in reserving your spot today.

Learn More About ...
  • Your own personal storage pick up time.   You choose
    the time.  We meet you at the front of your dorm.
  • In-room delivery.  Your storage will be in your dorm room when you return in August.
  • Free boxes and packing tape.  All included in your storage rate.
  • Discounted rates for early reservations.
Thank you for your business!
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