Covid-19 Update for AU Storage and The UPS Store

American University has instructed students to leave campus by Monday, March 23. We will be providing boxes, tape, shipping and storage services to help make  campus move-out as simple as possible. We will be open every weekday from 9:00-6:00 and weekends from 10:00-6:00.

Storage Customers 

If you have already signed up for storage:

Please come to our on-campus store to receive your four free boxes, tape, and box labels. You will pack up your items and leave the boxes in your room. We will collect the boxes after March 23 in coordination with AU Housing. Later this spring, we will contact you to verify your fall address to ensure a successful delivery and/or pickup in August when you return to school.

If you have not signed up for storage:

Sign up for storage so you are you are in our database. Follow the instructions above once you have signed up for storage.

Important Notes About Storage:

  • Summer Storage is not accessible until August 14. Do not store items that you will need over the summer. Ship them home instead.
  • All items must be boxed except for refrigerators, suitcases, plastic bins, and other items specifically noted on this website. We will not be able to pick up unboxed storage that is not listed on the site. Note: Refrigerators must be defrosted.
  • If you have additional storage (greater than the four boxes that come with the plan) the additional storage cost will be charged to your card when we pick up your boxes from your room.

Shipping Customers

Bring your shipping boxes to our on-campus store. We will process labels for you and ship them to your home. The residence hall front desks have rolling bins to assist you or you can borrow one of our heavy-duty hand carts.

Boxes and Tape

We will have boxes and tape available for sale if you are filling a car or van.

The UPS Store and AU Storage have been serving American University since 1987. We are working with University Housing during these special circumstances to provide you the best service possible. We thank you for your business.