Get Your Boxes & Schedule a Pickup

April 26 – May 6

  • Get your four free boxes and tape at The UPS Store.  We will be giving out boxes and tape between April 26 – May 6. 
  • Schedule your pickup time after you’ve received your boxes. You may schedule your pickup for anytime between April 30 – May 6.

What Happens Next?

  • a UPS Store representative will meet you outside your dorm at your pickup time
  • we will label your boxes, create an inventory and finalize your storage agreement
  • any additional storage will be noted and added to your storage agreement at the time of pick up 

Adding More Storage and Insurance

  • Need more space? The price of additional storage is $65/box for summer storage.  This price is based on the size of our standard 18” cubed box. Larger boxes will cost more, smaller boxes will cost less. We will measure the boxes at the time of pickup to determine the exact cost.
  • Insurance is available for your storage boxes.  Please be familiar with the contents of your boxes if you want to insure them.
  • Finally, here’s more info about unboxed storage.

You will received detailed Pickup-Instructions when you get your boxes and schedule your pickup time.  

Thank you again for your business.  We look forward to serving you!