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Spring & Summer Storage

Designed for AU students returning for Fall Semester 2022

Great Value: Only Price: $499 for the entire summer!

How Spring and Summer Storage Works

Pick up four free boxes and tape at The UPS Store

Bring your items at our AU Campus store

We label, inventory, and store your boxes

Additional Storage & Unboxed Items

Additional storage is $130/box for our standard 18” x 18” x 18” box. Larger boxes cost more, smaller boxes cost less. You may purchase additional boxes or use your own.

Unboxed items like refrigerators and plastic bins may also be stored.


Items in the Spring and Summer Storage plan are not accessible before August 19. Please consider using the Short Term Storage plan if you will need your items before this date.

Storage Return

On-campus Students

Off-campus Students


Pick up your storage for free at our store. We are conveniently located right on campus. Don’t have a car? Lyft, Uber, etc.

Reserve Spring & Summer Storage

Price: $499