Spring Storage

The Spring Storage plan is ideal for AU students storing January – May and returning to DC for the summer.

Four free boxes and tape.

Drop your boxes off at our AU campus location.

Your items are stored in a safe, climate-controlled facility for the entire spring semester.

Retrieve your storage at our AU campus store in May 2021.


At only $259 for the entire spring, the Spring Storage Plan is a great value!

Free boxes.  Free tape.  Secure storage from January through May.

AU Storage serves only AU students. We have been on campus since 1987 and we appreciate your business.

How Spring Storage Works

Pick up four free boxes and tape from The UPS Store

  • Pick up your boxes from The UPS Store.
  • Our large sturdy boxes (18″x18″x18″) provide enough space for most students.

Bring your items at our AU Campus store

  • Drop offs accepted as early as December 1
  • Drop off times are Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 5:00
  • Easy offloading right in front of our store

We label, inventory, and store your boxes

  • Your belongings will be stored in a safe, climate controlled warehouse during the spring.

Additional Storage & Unboxed Items

  • Additional storage is $65/box for our standard 18” x 18” x 18” box. Larger boxes cost more, smaller boxes cost less. You may purchase additional boxes or use your own.
  • Unboxed items like refrigerators and plastic bins may also be stored.

IMPORTANT: Items in the Spring Storage plan are not accessible before May 1. Please consider using the Short Term Storage plan if you will need your items before this date.

Storage Return

On-campus dorms:

  • We are currently not delivering to on-campus locations due to Covid restrictions.


  • Scheduled pickup dates will occur throughout May at our AU campus store.
  • We will contact you in April to schedule your pickup date.
  • You may also have your storage delivered to you. Off campus delivery charges may apply (see details below). Please provide 48 hours notice for off campus delivery.
  • Pick up and delivery times are Monday – Friday, 9-5.

Paid Delivery

  • Delivery is available for students who want their storage delivered to an off-campus address. The service costs $99.
  • Arrangements for delivery should be made two business days hours in advance.  Deliveries are available weekdays only.
  • We provide a three hour delivery window and you should be present when the courier arrives to accept delivery.