Study Abroad Storage

Designed for AU students traveling abroad for spring semester plus the summer.

Four free boxes and tape.

Your items are stored in safe, climate-controlled storage facility.

Retrieve your items from our on-campus UPS Store location with 48 hours notice.

How Study Abroad Storage Works

Pick up four free boxes and tape at The UPS Store

  • Pick up your boxes from The UPS Store beginning December 1.
  • Our large sturdy boxes (18″x18″x18″) provide enough space for most students.

Pack your stuff and bring it to our store

  • Drop off your items anytime before you leave DC.
  • Use our heavy duty hand carts to make things easy.

We label, inventory, and store your boxes

  • Your belongings will be stored in a safe, climate controlled warehouse.

EXTRA STUDY ABROAD STORAGE: You can obtain additional storage space by purchasing more boxes or using your own.  Additional boxes are charged $120 for the entire nine month storage period. This rate is based on our standard 18″ cubed box. Larger boxes will cost more, smaller boxes will cost less.

Receiving/Picking Up Your Storage

Retrieve your items whenever you want.

  • Contact us 48 hours in advance to make arrangements to return your belongings. Hours of storage return are Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00.
  • Pick up your storage for free at our on-campus store, or have us deliver it to you off campus. (See off-campus delivery info below).

Off Campus Delivery

  • Off campus delivery is available for students who want their storage delivered somewhere other than main campus. The service costs $75.
  • Arrangements for delivery must be made 48 hours in advance. We provide a three hour delivery window — don’t worry, we are very punctual.
AVOID THE OFF CAMPUS DELIVERY FEE: Pick up your storage at our store. We are conveniently located right on campus. Don’t have a car? Uber it!
Reserve Study Abroad Storage Now