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Storage Questions & Answers

You don’t drop it off.  We pick it up from the front of your dorm. You schedule a specific time to meet us between May 3 – May 9 and we will be there to take your storage away.

For students living on campus next semester, your storage will be waiting for you in your dorm room when you return to school. We work with University Housing to place your boxes inside your room the week before you come back. Off campus students may pick up at our The UPS Store anytime beginning August 16, or may schedule a delivery to their apartment (off campus delivery charges will apply).

Box distribution begins Monday, April 29. Pick up your boxes from The UPS Store on-campus.

Each box measures 18″x18″x18″. We have found this to be adequate storage space for the majority of students. Our boxes are large enough to hold most student items like books, bedding, clothes, small appliances and electronic equipment. They are not designed to hold furniture such as tables and sofas.

We will pick up your storage between May 3 – May 9. You will schedule an appointment for us to meet you in front of your residence hall. Our pick-up schedule is incredibly flexible. We know how hectic finals week can be, so we offer pick-ups every fifteen minutes.

Pick up scheduling begins April 29, the same day as box distribution.

You may always add to your space. Additional Summer Storage is priced at $75/box. This rates applies for our standard boxes. Extra storage space is charged at a pro-rated basis. Larger boxes will cost more, smaller boxes will cost less.

Summer Storage will be delivered into your room between August 12-16. This is the week before the dorms open for fall semester. Boxes will be inventoried and checked by The UPS Store and AU Housing to ensure accuracy. Your boxes will be in your room before you are! Off campus students may pick up their items beginning August 16.

We accept many types of unboxed storage. Refrigerators, bikes, trunks, rugs, futons, etc. are all easily stored. See our list of unboxed storage items. Do you have something not on the list? Ask us for a very reasonable price quote for unusual items.
Yes. The UPS Store offers deep discounts for early Summer Storage reservations. Your reservation helps us estimate our space and labor requirements. This helps us provide a more efficient service, so we pass our savings on to you! Payment is due upon reservation, but remember, reserving early involves no risk. You will receive a full refund if you ever decide not to store with us.

The vast majority of our storage customers use Summer Storage . This is the perfect service for underclassmen returning to school for the fall semester after August 18. Short Term Storage is for students who only need to store for a portion of the summer. Study Abroad Storage is used by students studying abroad for the fall semester. All three services have the same pick-up dates between May 5 – 11.  However, delivery of Long Term and Short Term Storage storage is arranged on a case-by-case basis. Off-campus delivery charges may apply.

Summer Storage is still an excellent option for you. You can pick up your storage anytime after August 19. We can deliver to an off-campus location but you will incur off-campus delivery charges. Storage pick up could not be easier. Just show up at The UPS Store on campus any weekday beginning August 16 and we will have your items ready for you.

Yes. It is the minimum storage amount we offer with Summer Storage. Our experience shows that the basic package is what most students need for summer storage. Of course, you may always “buddy-up” with a friend.

Short Term Storage Storage is ideal for you! You must tell us that you want Short Term Storage Storage before you give us your items because we sort short-term boxes separately from all other storage. You may not start with Summer Storage and subsequently change to Short Term. Summer Storage is not accessible before August 16 and Study Abroad Storage is not accessible before January 2025.  You must specifically inform us before your items are placed into storage that you want Short Term Storage.

Study Abroad Storage is the answer for you. We will store your belongings for the entire summer, then we will hold them for any additional length of time that you desire.
We will make arrangements with Short Term Storage and Study Abroad Storage customers to deliver boxes to a place and time designated by you. Off-campus delivery charges may apply.
Yes. The first $100 of value is free. After that, insurance costs $2.00 per $100 of value. There is no required minimum insurance.