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Winter Break Storage

Designed for AU students changing rooms over winter break.

How Winter Break Storage Works

Pick up four free boxes and tape at The UPS Store

Take your boxes to our on-campus store

We label, inventory, and store your boxes

EXTRA WINTER BREAK STORAGE: You can obtain additional storage space by purchasing more boxes or using your own.  Additional boxes are charged $45 for the winter break. This rate is based on our standard 18″ cubed box. Larger boxes will cost more, smaller boxes will cost less.

Picking Up Your Storage

Retrieve your items whenever you want.

Paid Delivery

AVOID THE DELIVERY FEE: Pick up your storage for free at our store. We are conveniently located right on campus. Don’t have a car? Lyft, Uber, etc.

Reserve Winter Break Storage

Price: $179

Your reservation today secures your storage for AU’s winter break.