No Risk Reservation!​

Receive a 100% refund if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason!

Short Term Storage

The Short Term Storage plan is ideal for AU students needing to store items for only a portion of the summer.

Great Value!

How Short Term Storage Works

Get your four free boxes and tape at The UPS Store

Choose your own personal pick-up time

We pick up your boxes in front of your dorm

We label, inventory, and hold your boxes

You can obtain additional storage space by purchasing more boxes or using your own. The rate is $0.75/box per day for our standard 18″ cubed box.

Receiving/Picking Up Your Storage

Retrieve your items whenever you want.

Off Campus Delivery

Pick up your storage at our store. We are conveniently located right on campus. Don’t have a car? Use Uber or Lyft. Need a handcart? Borrow ours!

Short Term Storage FAQs

Off-campus delivery is available for students who want their storage delivered rather than picking it up at our store.

The service costs $129, and arrangements for delivery must be made 48 hours in advance.

We provide a three hour delivery window so you don’t need to wait around all day. We are very punctual.

TIP: Avoid the delivery fee by picking up your storage at our store. We are right on campus. Don’t have a car? Uber it. Need a handcart? Borrow ours! 

You can purchase more boxes at The UPS Store or use your own when adding to your storage plan. The rate is $0.75/box per day for our standard 18″ cubed box. Insurance is available for your storage boxes. Please be familiar with the contents of your boxes if you want to insure them.

The UPS Store offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you ever elect not to store with us. We will promptly refund your entire payment upon request. Our full refund policy means that there is no risk in reserving your storage space early.

Why do we offer such a great deal? Because we know that plans change. We want you to feel completely comfortable about your service so we back it up with a full refund policy.

Let us know if you make alternate plans or change your mind about storing. We will immediately refund your entire balance. 

Reserve Short Term Storage

Base Price: $175 + 75¢/box/day

NOTE: The base fee of $175 will be billed today. The daily portion of your storage will be charged when storage is retrieved.